LEDs and CRI

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately when it comes to my lighting package.  I'm always looking for away to scale down the physical size to make loading in and out of locations easier.  I've been thinking about adding LED lights to my kit for a number of years now, but I could just never find viable options.  The biggest issue I see with LED's is their ability to produce accurate color.  The ones that did were too expensive to justify purchasing over renting, and the instruments that were affordable had terrible color rendering or the build quality seemed shoddy.

After a lot of trial and error with other LED's, I ended up with two bi-color flood lights from Visual Buddah. These lights fit the bill. I can mix them with my tungsten fresnels and not have any color balance issues like I have seen with other LEDs and even my fluorescent fixtures. 

These lights run on almost no power and give off zero heat. They weigh practically nothing something that is perfect for a freelance ENG crew. I swear hours of my life are wasted either humping gear in and out of loading docks and freight elevators or figuring out ways to make moving cases easier. 

They also have plenty of punch. At full tungsten with no diffusion they put out about as much light as my 1k open face with a Chimera on it. They definitely have the power to get through a silk or diffusion. I've even used them as a bounce source. 

I I highly recommend these lights. They are now a permanent fixture in my kit.