The early days

Remember the mixtape?  

I was out to dinner tonight and we got on the discussion topics of mixtapes.  Remember those days?  We all thought we were cool because we made our own music compilations.  

As the discussion went on, I began to realize that my fascination with production probably began at this time.  I revealed that I would record blocks of radio programming on my cassette tape instead of starting and stopping the record for my favorite songs like my friends did.  I would record an hour or so at a time then play it back and "edit" out the commercials and DJ while also reordering the songs.  This was done by dubbing the tape to another deck...linear editing.  

Years later, I would go on to learn that videotape can be edited in a similar way.  With the help of a high school teacher and mentor, Mr. McDonald, I learned about assembly edits, and insert edits, and blacking out tapes so that you don't lose sync.  Those were the days...

Excuse me for getting nostalgic, but I'm in the editing mindset right now as I have been working on creating a new show reel.  In the past I used to have to plan every edit and transition out ahead of time.  Now I can just throw everything on a timeline and then shuffle, and mix and match until I have what I'm looking for.  I don't even have to start off organized.  I just through footage in as I find it.

I don't miss the old linear ways of doing things, but in a way, I do miss the creative problem solving that I had to do to make an edit work.