Shooting a Film

Last week I began production on a short narrative film called In Training.  I thought I'd post some photos of the setup.  The shot was a night exterior with the actors in a car.  We are shooting on a Canon EOS C100 with an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder.  The low light sensitivity of the C100's sensor is phenomenal.  I am shooting everything in Canon LOG at ISO 850.  I cannot get over how little light is needed to produce an image.  I was able to light the entire scene with just an Arri 650 and 300.  As you can see in one of the photos, the 650 is barn doored and black wrapped off to to almost a pinhole and being punched through a net.  The 300 acted as a kicker to bring some dimension to the scene.  I color corrected the lights to mimic the sodium vapor street lights, but kept a natural color spectrum.  

I've decided to use old Nikon AI Primes hoping for a gritty non HD look.  I've shot projects on DSLR's with these lenses before, but the C100 brings a new life to the older glass.  Skin tones are looking very creamy and the shadows roll off nicely.  I can't wait to see some graded images.

I hope to keep everyone updated as production continues, but so far so good with the C100.  I'm really loving this camera.  I hope to get some footage up soon.