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Beverly shooting some b-roll

Beverly shooting some b-roll

What Killed Kevin?

It is a documentary that I shot with my good friend and filmmaker, Beverly Peterson. The film is nearing completion and will be released primarily on the Internet as an interactive film. Beverly takes an investigative journalism approach to the topic of workplace bullying by analyzing anti-bullying activist groups, legislation, psychology and it's effects everyone involved. 

The film center's around the suicide of Kevin Morrisey. Allegations from the media and anti-bullying activist groups say he acted out of fear and intimidation of is boss, Ted Genoways. 

We began production of the film with an largely anti-workplace bullying ideology. As Beverly conducted more and more research, and we shot interview after interview, it became clear to her it was time to start questioning what she thought we knew about the topic of "workplace bullying." What is easy to assume as a clear cut and dry explanation to the event turns out to be an extremely intricate narrative The film, especially when viewed in its unique interactive environment, will allow the audience to decide for themselves who the bullies and the victims are and the effects that each player in the story has on its outcome.

As for the production of the film, we shot mostly on a Canon 7D, and a 5DmkII with additional footage shoot on the Sony EX1 and EX3. As a cameraman, I took to shooting on DSLRs because of their aesthetic quality and large sensors gave video a look that I could not easily achieve before. There are verite´ handheld scenes thought the film. It was challenging at first to shoot handled and keep focus on the DSLRs, but the hard work paid off. The result is a very organic feel that adds a cinematic quality to the screen. I think the look plays very well to this highly emotional subject.

Look for the the film soon. In the meantime, please check out the article on Psychology Today.

Also, visit Beverly's site Our Bully and watch and comment Vimeo.