FCP X and Canon = National TV Spot

I shot and edited this video for Guides Secret. Although, my professional colleagues don't think it is possible, I cut this entire commercial in Final Cut Pro X. Yes, I use the editing platform that the masses are turning their backs on. I love it! I've cut at least 30 projects on it and I have no regrets. The commercial is airing this spring and summer on NBC Sports and WFN (World Fishing Network).

A product video for Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear, shot on a Canon DSLR and edited on FCPX by Patrick Perrotto. http://www.patrickperrotto.com

Thanks to Guides Secret for a great shoot. http://www.guidessecret.com

Produced by Reel Tide. http://www.reeltide.com


We rigged my GoPro as a POV camera, but I didn't get a chance to use it.