(Photo) Shooting Stories About What I Live For


Yesterday, I took some time to help my fishing buddy, Mark, shoot a video for his friends at Old School Customs. Joe and Todd are surf plug builders. Plug is another term for a fishing lure. If you have followed some of my posts, I'm sure that you've noticed that I am very passionate about surfcasting for striped bass. When I was given the opportunity to shoot a video for related to fishing, I had to do it. There aren't many quality videos about surfcasting on the internet, so I figured I'd help the guys out. 


The location was very cool. Joe and Todd do most of their work in out of their grandfather's shed. Inside, they hand craft lures out of wood. They then paint the hand hang them up from the ceiling to dry. The setting made for some cool photography. I hope you enjoy the screen grabs from the video. I'll try to post the video soon.