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A few years back I had the opportunity to begin working on a documentary with my mentor, Beverly Peterson. Once my professor, she is now a colleague and a friend.

Her documentaries have been screened at major festivals, have aired nationally on TV, and her resume includes a Sundance selection, HBO, and PBS. In addition to being given the chance to once again work alongside someone like Beverly, plus the fact that she is a great friend, you can understand why I jumped at the opportunity to shoot her next documentary. I have always been passionate about documentaries that portray real people and deliver commentary on social issues.  

This film asks the question, "What REALLY Killed Kevin Morrissey?"


Bev in action.From the Our Bully

"Barely a year ago, the tragic suicide of the Virginia Quarterly Review's Managing Editor,  Kevin Morrissey, captured major media attention when his death was linked to workplace bullying. Kevin's boss, Ted Genoways, quickly became the 'poster boy' for advocates seeking workplace bullying legislation. And, although an investigation found Genoways innocent of bullying, Kevin's surviving sister, Maria, has joined the lobbying effort. This compelling  drama sheds new light on the highly charged and troubling aspects of this issue."

The entire film will be released online for a unique interactive viewing experience. The goal of the documentary is not only to intrigue visitors, but it will be backed by a website aimed at informing and educating the public about the impact of work place bullying. This is the first of 8 parts.     


Bev using my 7D.I shot most of this film on DSLR's. The main cameras were my Canon 7D and 5DmkII. All of the interviews and most of the handheld verite footage was also shot on DSLR's with the help of my Redrock Micro Eye Spy rig. More on the tech to come.  

Working on this project with Beverly has been a long journey, and I'm excited to finally post this.  Enjoy the film!


on 2011-08-11 11:03 by Patrick Perrotto

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