‪PCG Digital Marketing (Part 1)


Last week I flew to Orlando, FL with my DSLR package to shoot promotional videos for PCG Digital Marketing at their annual Automotive Marketing Bootcamp.  I was commissioned to produce a couple of different videos to promote the companies educational series.  Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend for helping me get the the job ;). She did an amazing job teaching a session at the event.

My goal for the video was to shoot very stylized imagery while capturing the energy of the conference.  I also wanted to give the company a marketing video that they could really be proud of. To achieve this, I set up for testimonial interviews in the hallway of the convention.  I used signs that were in the background, and I took advantage of the Canon 5D Mark II's large sensor to achieve a shallow depth of field.  I was able to keep people in the background completely out of focus.  This way you are able to see a hint of the crowds and hear the excitement in the room, but the person talking is the focus. 

Here is the first video promoting PCG's new educational series:

Cameras: Canon 5dmkII and Canon 7D

Glass: Canon 24-70 f/2.8L and Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS

Support: Custom Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount, Redrock Micro follow focus, and cheese plate and rod supports system for tripod shots.

Monitor: Marshall 7" LCD


Grabbing some beauty shots at sunset.


I love this camera!