We had some beautiful weather on the Jersey Shore this past weekend. I couldn't help myself. I was sick of winter. I had to get outside and shoot photographs and some footage. 

On Sunday, I went to the beach with my 7D. My goal was to practice focus pulls using people walking on the boardwalk as subjects. I needed to get comfortable with the floating, non-linear focus rings that my Canon lenses have. They can make hitting focus marks difficult. The focus ring does not stop at infinity like older photo lenses and the video lenses that I am used to shooting with. After a weekend of shooting, I feel really confident shooting video on DSLR's.  

I stopped in Belmar because I saw a rainbow kites filling the sky. After shooting random things all day, I realized that this was my opportunity to shoot a little scene. I set up the tripod on the boardwalk and started shooting when a man came up to me and asked how he could get copies of my photos. I explained to him that I was shooting video and told him how the camera worked. It turns out that his friend was on the beach flying all the kites by himself. I counted at least 17! One person controlling all of these kites? My storytelling instincts kicked in. I knew I could make a fun video out of this. I explained that I was shooting test footage, but if the footage comes out good they could have a copy as long as I could display the video on my website. 

I was introduced to the "kite man." He had no problem with me shooting. It turns out that we both came to the beach for the same reason. We both needed to relax and blow off some steam. He does it by flying his kites. I do it with photography. 

I haven't shot much video for myself recently, and I forgot how rewarding it could be. This was a totally different subject for me. Lately, I have been shooting a lot of green screen talking heads for corporate videos. The beach scene, and the colorful kites were a change of pace. It was refreshing to see something different in the viewfinder. I turned the footage in to this short movie.

"Kites" was shot on the Canon EOS 7D. I used the 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8l lenses with 0.9 ND. (An extra stop would have been nice.)  I pulled focus with a Redrock Micro follow focus, and viewed it all through my most valuable piece of kit, the Zacuto Z-finder.

The song is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward.