FaceTime (IRL)

Video DSLR, HD-DSLR, sensor size, aliasing, rolling shutter, double system sound, noise, compression. The list goes on and on...

This is the world that video geeks like myself are living in right now. Everyone including myself keeps calling this a revolution, and it is. We finally have extremely affordable video systems that make amazing pictures. Technology is changing really fast. It is a great time to be a cameraman. This camera revolution has gotten me so excited that I read blog posts, tweets and watch videos about equipment daily.

Last fall, I went to a DSLR event at B&H in New York. It was hosted by Jem Schofield. A producer, trainer, and early adopter of shooting video on a DSLR. I cant quite remember why I went to the event. I remember thinking at the time that these cameras are just a gimmick. I probably needed to shop for something, so I stopped in just to kill some time. A couple of days later, I got my Canon 7D. Thanks to Jem's demonstration and explanation of the workflow I dove right in and never looked back.

Ever since I met him last year, I've been watching his show, "Gearbox." I found today's show to be inspiring. It was sort of a social commentary about how technology is starting to take the place of face to face communication. Everywhere you go people are looking down at mobile devices. We have all been guilty of texting or emailing to avoid a phone call.  Jem pointed out that as artists, we need the face to face collaboration to get excited over a project. 


Here I am with some of cast and crew on the set of "Macbre Love" viewing our collaborative efforts. Photo by Julia DennabaumI realize that posting this in blog form on my website is quite hypocritical, but Jem's thoughts the creative process that takes place through communication really got me thinking. It is so easy to get caught up in the Internet, and in my case my iPhone or the latest camera technology, that I think we forget why we do what we do. Production is my passion and career, but sometimes it doesn't feel like the creative part, the passion, is always there. As a result of Jem's video, I'm going to make it a point to get out and collaborate with my creative friends, and then start shooting something exciting. Everything in this business is team effort. You can't do it all by yourself.   

Thanks for the reality check, Jem. I recommend everyone subscribe to The C47 RSS feed. Inspiration starts around 2:00.